Every day, 300 people are killed or hospitalized by gun violence in the U.S.
The time for action is now.
Our mission is to empower people to reduce gun violence in our communities by taking guns off the streets. Join the hundreds of others making an impact.

Join us. Let's get started, gun by gun.
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How it Works

Safer Communities
All guns collected are safely destroyed. Fewer guns = less gun violence.
Buyback Event
Community members can surrender guns anonymously to local police for cash.
Crowdfunding Campaign
Each of us makes a small donation. Together, that adds up to a lot.
Previous Campaigns
Oakland Buyback Results
San Jose Buyback Results
San Francisco Buyback Results

Why Buybacks?
Suicide Prevention
Stolen Guns
Fewer Guns = Fewer Gun Deaths
The correlation between firearm availability and suicide is so strong that public health officials have deemed a gun in the home as a risk factor for suicide.

Suicide attempts with firearms are 85% fatal, compared to an average of 9% overall.
Unless properly stored and secured, guns present a hazard to everyone.

Low-end estimates indicate that between 230,000 to 500,000 guns are stolen from homes every year.
Studies show that communities with fewer guns have fewer gun homicides, suicides, and accidental gun deaths.

The American Journal of Public Health found that a 1% increase in gun ownership correlates to a 0.9% increase in homicides; “a robust correlation.”

About Us
Our mission is to empower individuals to remove guns from their communities through crowdfunded gun buyback programs. Our goal is to prevent gun violence by reducing the number of unwanted an illegal guns in a community while creating a new outlet for action on the issue of gun violence prevention. We are a nonprofit organization founded in 2013, when we launched our pilot campaign in San Francisco.

Ian Johnstone has been involved in the issue of gun violence prevention since the age of 10, when his father was shot and killed in an attempted robbery in San Francisco. He is a social entrepreneur and the founder of blissmo, a mission-driven e-commerce platform aimed at promoting organic & sustainable CPG products, where he previously served as COO.
Get in touch: ian@gunbygun.org

Eric King is an Innovation Specialist with the US Agency for International Development, applying data driven research and tech-focused innovations to social challenges. He also works as a researcher at UC Berkeley, utilizing a range of analytical tools to distill the complex behavior of planets and stars to simple principles. Eric earned a Ph.D. in planetary physics at UCLA.
Get in touch: eric@gunbygun.org

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GunByGun campaigns are powered by local community members and activists who want to take a stand on gun violence - we'll handle the messy stuff, but we help from people on the ground to make the campaign a success.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Could my donation go toward a non-working gun?
No, law enforcement range specialists inspect each weapon, and no compensation is offered for guns that don't work.

Do criminals really turn in their guns?
Experts estimate that roughly 50% of guns used in crimes are stolen from law-abiding citizens or otherwise illegally obtained. Furthermore, a recent investigation of guns turned in to buyback efforts in New Jersey found that a significant number were illegal weapons. All guns are dangerous, and the fewer guns we have in our communities, the fewer people will fall victim to gun violence.

Do participants just use the money from buybacks to buy newer guns?
No, based on existing research of buybacks and data we've collected, the vast majority of participants don't intend to buy another gun. In fact, most partipants are motivated more by making their homes and communities safer than by the compensation.

Do buybacks really work?
Yes! based on existing research and data we've collected, we know that buybacks effectively reduce 1) the number of guns in a community and 2) the number of households with guns. Both those numbers have a strong correlation with nearly all forms of gun violence. Large-scale buyback efforts in Australia and, more recently, in Los Angeles have resulted in significant decreases in gun violence.

What can I do?
Donate to remove guns from your favorite city. Share with your friends and family on Facebook , Twitter , and by email. Sign up for our email list, and we'll bring you in the loop for future campaigns. Let's do this!
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